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Suburban Child have one of the largest and most successful swimming instruction programs in the Metrowest



Class Descriptions
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(6 months - 3 years old)

Goldfish: This class is for water adjustment in a relaxed atmosphere. Safety skills are the main objective, but we also work on breath control and introduce basic swimming skills. A responsible adult accompanies the child in this class.

(3 years - 7 years old)

Sea Pony : This class consists of getting comfortable with getting wet from head to toe, paddling with bubbles, and dangling on floating barbells.

Sea Horse: Now you swim up and down the pool on your very own, with bubbles and barbells. There is more jumping in, going under the water and beginning to swim alone for the first time.

Tadpole: The 1st stroke development starts here. Swim alone for 15 yards is the goal. No bubbles.

Frog: You have now made 15 yards! Let's try for 25 yards (one length of the pool). Endurance, more time spent under water, strokes on your back and safety are the top priorities.

Starfish: Crawl with rhythmic breathing, elementary backstroke, back crawl and endurance are stressed in this class.

Superstar: Sidestroke, breaststroke, improved crawl, back crawl and elementary are covered, as well as distance swimming.


(7+ years old)

Beginner: After mastering water adjustment, breath control and rhythmic breathing, front and back crawl are introduced.

Advanced Beginner: This class works to build endurance with the front crawl and back crawl. Elementary backstroke and safety skills are also introduced.

Intermediate: This class introduces the sidestroke, breaststroke, freestyle and distance swimming.

Swimmer: This course works to build stamina in freestyle, breaststroke and back crawl. Butterfly drills are introduced and shallow forward dives are taught. 

Sharks: Improve stroke technique, speed and meet strategy while having fun with other swimmers interested in competitive swimming. Swimmers train for 45 minutes every Thursday, and there are two times set aside, one for ages 6-9 year olds, and one for ages 10-17 year olds.

(17+ years old)

Adult Swim Training: Haven't quite mastered your fear of the water yet? Join in a great class geared to the adult who wants to learn to swim comfortably. Basic stroke technique is taught.



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